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PubCrawl Podcast: Dissecting The Empire Strikes Back

This week JJ and Kelly continue their series on dissecting fictional properties, this time with the second installment of the original Star Wars trilogy: The Empire Strikes Back. Arguably the best of the original three (and possibly all seven), they try to pick apart why it is both a critical and fan favorite. Also, musical theatre nerds, this week’s off menu recommendations are for you!

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Clear and Vivid Dialogue

He said…she said… Shouldn’t it be easy to write clean, clear dialogue between two or more characters? But as writers, we want our dialogue to not only be clear, but also to be lively and vivid. We want our dialogue to be fresh and real, to jump off the page with life. However, in pursuit of strong dialogue, we may find ourselves over-indulging in shortcuts that should be used at a minimum. Shortcut Number One: Substituting […]


Improve your Dialogue by Studying Plays

I love the experience of live theater. I love the way a good play can transport an audience—even transform an audience. This is something a good play shares with a good book. However, though they may both aspire to similar ends, it’s clear that fiction and drama have different toolkits. A play has the advantage of actors and community and interaction, but a book has the advantage of prose. Every word that a playwright will […]


Dialogue Fun

There’s something I used to do when I found myself lacking in inspiration, and since these past couple of weeks have seen my muse annoyingly silent, I’ve dragged it back out into the light of day. It’s a pretty fun exercise, and helps get my imagination going. I got the idea years ago, back when I was still in an arts high school as a drama major. Reading plays and interpreting dialogue was a big […]