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How Do I Look?

The other day, as I was catching up on my TBR pile, I found myself being repeatedly thrown out of book. It wasn’t for lack of pace, uninteresting premise, or dull characterization; it was for the constant physical description of the main character. Description is a tricky thing to handle in books, especially if the narration is told from the first person (as was the book I was reading). Sometimes I notice the description, other […]


Diversity and Fantasy and the “Other”

It’s no secret that I love fantasy. It’s a genre of different worlds and different people, of things both familiar and wondrously strange. And also, magic. But it also tends to heavily feature white, male characters in a setting that often resembles Medieval England (Lord of the Rings, anyone?).  Despite that, fantasy still speaks to me. And perhaps I’m so drawn to fantasy  because it often allows for protagonists who are “other” – be it through […]


Writing Diverse Fiction: A Practical Guide

Very few of us set out to intentionally write misogynistic or racist things. Some people are horrible, true, but the rest of us? We are products of our society, and as a result, we may all occasionally fall victim to misogynistic, condescending, or racist/white-washing thinking. I’ve certainly done it. I distinctly remember once remarking off-hand how “I’m a total female, because I suck at directions,” and then immediately thinking, “Why did I word it like […]


On Writing Diversity

I will admit that I am somewhat hesitant to write about this, mostly because talking about race in fiction can quickly devolve into some sort of Fail. However, I do think writing race and diversity is a subject worth thinking about and discussing, and I ask that you please keep the comments cordial and on-topic. (Related to that, no tone policing or derailment, please.) I will keep mostly to discussions of race because that is what […]