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The Crafting of an Editorial Letter

If you’re in the query trenches you’ve probably heard the words “editorial agent” floating around. These are agents who work with their clients to edit and revise a manuscript before submitting it to editors (who will then edit the manuscript even further if they end up acquiring it!) I am an editorial agent and believe strongly in sending out the most polished manuscript possible to editors. The market is competitive, and I think it’s vital […]


Guest Post: Dealing With Editorial Letters

I have a confession to make. First drafts send me into a cold sweat, but edits? I love ‘em! It’s so satisfying taking a crappy, not-all there first draft and starting to turn it into something that actually works. For me, this is where the story and my characters really come alive. But that’s not to say that, faced with my edit notes, I don’t struggle to know where to start. Or get a sudden […]


After the Editorial Letter: a peek at pass pages and beyond

A while back I pulled aside the publishing curtain to discuss the process of revising under contract. That “After the Editorial Letter” post ended with Step 4, Copy Edits, or, as I like to call it, The last step where your book still looks like a word doc. Today we’ll take a peek at what happens next… STEP FIVE: First Pass Pages This is the first time the book will actually look bookish. The author […]


After the editorial letter: The editor’s perspective

Authors: I’m going to let you in on a little secret. You know how nervous you are when you receive the email with your editorial letter attached? Your editor is nervous, too! When I sign up a book or series, it’s because I love it. It may need work, but I believe the book should exist in the world. Of course, I’ll usually have notes and comments on things that can make the book even […]


After the Editorial Letter: a peek at revising under contract

Today is my birthday! (*does happy dance*) A year ago this time, I had just finished signing with my agent. My how things have changed! A huge milestone these past twelve months was selling my book, and after that, it was surviving my editorial revisions for Taken, which are finally nearing completion. So I thought we’d take a quick look at what happens after an author receives their first editorial letter and jumps into the […]