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Guest Post: A Foreign Concept–Foreign Rights

Jo’s away gallivanting across Europe (ok, so she’s going to meetings, attending a conference and promoting her clients…), so she asked me to guest blog in her place! I wanted to shake things up again and blog about something that’s not easily found online. So after some Googling and not finding too many posts on the topic, I decided a post on foreign rights would be fun. 🙂 So let’s start from the beginning: who […]


U.S. or U.K.: Why Book Covers are Not the Same

by Rachel Seigel — We have all heard the old adage “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, but when it comes to deciding which books we want to pick up, I think most of us will admit that we absolutely do judge books by their covers. Cover design is one of the most fascinating and possibly the most difficult aspects of book publishing. How do you a) capture the spirit of the book and […]


Bologna Book Fair for Beginners

When I first started in publishing, I heard about “rights fairs” in Bologna, Frankfurt and London and they sounded like wonderful, magical things. You flew to Europe to attend parties, eat good food, and to talk about the books you love. What could be better? Well, now that I’ve actually attended a conference like this, I have to answer that question: not much could be better. I will admit that the schedule is rather grueling, but […]