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On Scaring Children

The funny thing about writing a horror novel is that approximately 87% of the people you meet will tell you to your face they don’t want to read it. Oh, there’s rarely anything malicious in this declaration. Sure, there are always a few “I only read serious books about serious topics” types with tiny minds who can’t fathom how a book about horror things can also be about other things, but nobody cares what they […]


Nine Halloween Reading Recommendations!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, READERS! Some of the members of Team PubCrawl wanted to share our recent Halloween-esque favorites! I hope you’ll let us know what spooky reads you’ve discovered recently in the comments section. Adam Silvera Rooms by Lauren Oliver breathes new life into ghost stories. There’s an ensemble cast, and my favorite narrators were Alice and Sandra, two ghosts inhabiting the walls of this old house. There are family secrets, the sudden appearance of a new ghost, […]

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What Scares You?

It’s October! (Already? Yeesh, where did September go? Or for that matter, where did the summer go?) And you know what means! HAVING THE PANTS SCARED OFF YOU. I’ve always been a fan of all things dark, morbid, and goth, and I think it’s pretty fitting that my relationship anniversary is in the month of October, so my fiance and I can celebrate by going to haunted houses/corn-mazes. Huzzah, horror! Last year I wrote about […]


Guest Post: Lessons Learned from Hong Kong Movies

Guys, Grady’s new book Horrostör is incredible. Like, I got a copy of this in the mail, opened the package and snickered at the cover (and how the entire book is laid out like an Ikea catalog). Then I started reading… …and two hours later, I finished the book. I COULDN’T PUT IT DOWN. It was laugh-out-loud funny and also thoroughly terrifying. Plus, there was incredible character development, a thoroughly twisty plot, and OH MY GOSH, what […]


Horror and Terror

It’s that time of year again: the time of year when the days grow shorter, the nights grow longer, and the time of year we like to huddle around a campfire and scare the pants off each other. (Or is it huddling around a campfire sipping things flavoured with cinnamon and nutmeg? I can never remember.) Oh yes, Halloween is just around the corner (or…tomorrow) and it’s time to discuss all things horror. Horror as […]