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Last Call: If I Lie by Corrine Jackson

Today I’m pleased to announce a new recurring feature on PubCrawl: Last Call! On the final Friday of each month, we’ll be celebrating our Book of the Month with a quick, image-based post. Through visuals and a quote from the novel, we hope to bring the story to life in a unqiue way, enticing those who have not yet read it, to pick it up, and letting those who have read it, relive it briefly. […]


What do YOU want to read about on Pub(lishing) Crawl?

The Pub(lishing) Crawlers have decided to take a different approach to posting. We’re cutting out one day of the week—partly because we’re all having a hard time even writing one post a month (I’m not even kidding. Our lives suddenly EXPLODED with work over the summer.) but we also feel Y’ALL might be getting burned out on us. Additionally, we’re hoping to introduce a few features to promote more reader interaction. We love getting comments—even if […]


Books That Made You Bawl

I don’t cry very often in books. (Side note: Unless the book involves animals dying. I almost consider that cheating–I mean, if an animal dies in a book, it guarantees tears from me. That’s not fair! I’ve bawled in everything involving hurt/dying animals. I can’t do it.) But that’s not to say that I don’t shed some legitimate tears when it comes to certain books, and in fact, I’ve noticed that for the past few […]