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PubCrawl Alum: Discovering Your Novel’s Hook by Janice Hardy

Every novel needs a great hook that grabs reader attention and holds it tight. In a novel’s brainstorming stage, the hook is the gotcha—the twist that will make the novel compelling and fresh. It’s the “ooooh” factor that probably got you excited about the idea in the first place. It might be a plot point, a character goal, or a conflict. It could even be the theme. The hook is what sets your novel apart […]


Other Creative Pursuits

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how much my other creative pursuits influence my writing — and even help me get through tough problems when I’m working. There’s something about knitting, for me, that allows me to keep my hands busy and focus juuuuust a little, but frees the rest of my mind to work out a plot tangle or a question about character arcs. I’ve found the same thing in spinning (yarn, not exercise — […]


Favorite Opening Lines/Paragraphs

When it comes time for me to tackle my submission pile, I tend to approach it in three ways. First, I see if there are any submissions with offers or “interest” from other editors. If there aren’t any submissions that are under a time crunch, I tend to start with the oldest submission on my list. My last approach to submissions is a bit more fun and tends to happen when I’m trapped underground on […]


How Festivals and Conferences Can Make You a Better Author

I go to a lot of book related events, both as an attendee and as a presenter. Over the last year, I’ve been paying just as much attention to the audiences as I have the panels. Some authors capture attention, while others cause audience members to check their watches or phones. What does this have to do with being an author? Part of an author’s job is to capture and hold attention, and that applies […]


Introducing Our Newest Member: Janice Hardy!

To kick off this new year of 2014, we here at Pub(lishing) Crawl decided to introduce some fresh meat new perspectives to the blog. We’ve got not one but THREE new members to introduce to you to this week, and we’re kicking off today with the first. Quickly: in case you missed the awesome guest post from Michelle Schusterman last Friday, go read it! There’s a giveaway…;) And now, onto our first new, epic, amazing […]