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Betareaders Rock: Meet the Readers Who Proofed This Gulf of Time and Stars, and Win a Copy of the Book!

Science fiction folks know. What they like and don’t like. Most particularly, they know what they love. All about what they love. I’ve been to conventions. Trust me. You can count me among them for I’m just as cautious about a “new” take on a beloved film or tv series. Hopeful, yes, because I want more. But cautious. Because, seriously. What if They mess it up? There’s no mysterious and plural They involved in my […]


World Building Q&A with Julie Czerneda, author of A Turn of Light

I had the pleasure of virtually sitting down last week with science fiction and fantasy author Julie Czerneda. We had a fantastic Skype conversation about her new book A Turn of Light, and she indulged me while I picked her brain about everything world building, from the research she did to the things that inspired her. A Turn of Light The village of Marrowdell is an isolated pioneer community, but it is also the place […]