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Trunk Novel Snippets

Talk to just about any published writer, and they’ll be able to regale you with all their novels-that-never-came-to-be. Maybe they’ll call them their “practice” novels. Or their “trunked” novels. Or simply novels they’ve “set aside for now.” Maybe they’ll only have one or two of them. Maybe they’ll have twenty. But very rarely will a writer publish the very first book they write—and then go on to publish every story they write afterward. These can […]


Post-Contract Schedules

There’s a ton of information out there about life pre-contract—how to query an agent, how to revise with critique partners, etc, etc. But life post-contract can be a little harder to research. Recently, we got an email from a reader with a few questions about scheduling after you’ve sold a book. The short answer is: It really varies. Let’s break it down by question! How long do you get to write the first draft and […]


Productivity (Part Two of Two!)

Julie and I actually got the idea to write this post because we’ve been sharing a “Progress Report” spreadsheet between us for about 7 months now. It’s set up in a Google Spreadsheet, with a new sheet for each month, and every day, we update each other on what we have (and haven’t!) achieved writing-wise. It seems like a little thing, but knowing that you’re going to check in with someone at the end of […]


Productivity (Part One of Two)

This is a two part post, so on Friday, we’re going to go more in depth about ways a community can help keep you on schedule. But today, here are some tricks you can use on your own! Kat: One of my biggest hurdles while drafting is my perfectionism. I want my first draft to be as perfect as a final draft–which is, of course, impossible. I’m a very exploratory writer, and sometimes I just […]


Other Creative Pursuits

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how much my other creative pursuits influence my writing — and even help me get through tough problems when I’m working. There’s something about knitting, for me, that allows me to keep my hands busy and focus juuuuust a little, but frees the rest of my mind to work out a plot tangle or a question about character arcs. I’ve found the same thing in spinning (yarn, not exercise — […]