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Celebrating Halloween with Scary Story Recommendations

In the Halloween spirit, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite scary stories—books, movies, tv shows, etc. After you light your jack-o-lantern tonight and indulge on some candy, perhaps you should try one of these recommendations. Everyone likes a good scare, right? Julie Eshbaugh One of my all-time favorite scary movies is The Thing. *shivers* I just need to see an image of a polar landscape and terror starts to rise up in me! For novels […]


Visiting Kat Zhang

Let’s start the week off with something fun and simple, then! I had the wonderful pleasure of visiting Kat Zhang in Nashville, Tennessee over the weekend, and hot damn but it was a good time. Every night was a booze-filled techno-fest and every morning began at 1pm. We burned cash at casinos and sang Patsy Cline karaoke. We tripped down streets in early hours and watched the sunrise. We talked all about the other lies […]



Okay, I’m gonna be honest: writing today’s post is really surreal. Like, super duper “Am I Dreaming?” kinda surreal. Because our own Kat Zhang’s What’s Left of Me releases TODAY! Kat’s been with Pub Crawl since it was a little site called Let The Words Flow—since she was an aspiring writer with no agent or book deal…just a haunting, beautiful manuscript called Hybrid (…a manuscript that would later become What’s Left of Me). In the […]


How We Use Music

Music can serve as a tool and inspiration for writers at every stage of their work. It can lead to plot breakthroughs or bust writer’s block, and it cropped up on the pages of several YA debuts this year including Under the Never Sky, Incarnate, and most recently, Seraphina. Here are some of the ways the writers of Pub(lishing) Crawl use music and a few of our favorite tracks. Beat by Beat Sarah J. Maas […]


Pub(lishing) Crawl at BEA!

Hi, everyone! So, BEA (BookExpo America) is fast-approaching, and those of us at Pub Crawl who are attending couldn’t be more excited! While some of us at PC are BEA vets, others (like *cough*Kat and Sarah*cough*) are total newbies! Because it’s going to be such a busy week, and because we’re pretty sure everyone likes to plan their BEA schedules well in advance, we thought we’d let you guys know where we’ll be—because we’d LOVE […]