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PubCrawl Podcast: Troubleshooting Craft – Kill Your Darlings

This week Kelly and JJ embark on their series on troubleshooting writing craft issues. In this episode, they discuss the adage “Kill your darlings”: what it means, how to identify it, and how to fix it. Also, we’re apparently in the midst of the summer doldrums, so not a lot of reading or recommendations this week. Show Notes Kill Your Darlings, and Some Trees by E. C. Myers Kill Your Darlings by Erin Bowman “Darlings” […]


Kill Your Darlings

In writing, you must kill all your darlings. —William Faulkner I’ve always thought that I understood this wise piece of advice fairly well. In short, do not grow so attached to your own writing that you are incapable of cutting unnecessary1 elements simply because they hold special meaning. I feel like Faulkner’s advice can be interpreted several ways: 1. KILL YOUR CHARACTER DARLINGS “But I can’t kill off the Hero’s Bestie. He’s my betas’ favorite […]