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Why Traditional Publishing Takes So Long

Recently I announced that the publication date of Wintersong has been moved from Fall 2016 to Winter 2017, and I had a lot of questions asking why it would take so long for the book to come out when it was already finished and edited? Ah, my friend. Sit back and listen, because we are going to be discussing this interesting phenomenon called publishing time. In the PubCrawl Podcast, Kelly and I have discussed submissions and acquisitions, sales conference, and touched briefly […]


PubCrawl Podcast: Publishing 101 From Brain to Bookstore

This week, JJ and Kelly go on for WAY too long about the publishing process. What happens after you turn in your manuscript? How does your novel go from your brain to a physical product you put on bookshelves? There is an entire part of publishing called PRODUCTION that doesn’t often get discussed, and we try and de-mystify that process for you.

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What is Launch?

Today I’m going to discuss one of the most important days of a book’s life. The launch meeting. If you follow editors on twitter, every three months or so, you’ll see them enthusiastically tweeting phrases like “Winter 2014 Launch today!” “I can’t wait to launch all of my great Summer 2014 books!” “Today’s Fall 2014 launch was fantastic!” What are they talking about? Launch is typically the first time the entire sales, marketing, and publicity […]