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Guest Post: Literary Agent, Brooks Sherman

When I was first approached about writing a guest post for PubCrawl, I was both flattered and alarmed. I was delighted to join the ranks of accomplished writers and publishing professionals who write here regularly, but I was uncertain about what new insights I could add to the mix. Then I remembered a subject that has been on my mind a lot lately: the fluid and sometimes nebulous nature of category in fiction. I recently […]


Guest Post: Literary Agent, Marietta Zacker

As publishing professionals, we are often asked to define different aspects of literature: voice, style, genre, you name it. One that seems to have an obvious and easy definition is the term “Young Adult” (YA). After all, in its purest form, YA is an age range. However, defining it only by the age group for whom the work is intended is insufficient (and it is important to acknowledge that any given age range is also debatable). One can […]


Interview with Agent Kristin Nelson

Our PubCrawl group is pretty heavily skewed in favor of young adult lit! What is it about children’s literature (both middle grade and young adult) that intrigues you? The teen years are just so painful to live through. Ask most adults and they will shake their heads in terror at the idea of having to go through it again. Yet, it’s also the time when anything is possible. Teens aren’t jaded by experience. They are […]


How to Become A Literary Agent in 2 Easy Steps

Become a literary agent in two easy steps! Decide you want to become a literary agent. Call yourself a literary agent. I should be kidding, but there’s a grain of truth there. There are no licensing or specific requirements to being a literary agent. No background checks, no lengthy courses, no tests. It’s harder to become a real estate agent than it is to become a literary agent. Even McDonald’s workers are supposed to take […]


Editor Week for a Non-NYC Lit Agent

At almost every conference, authors want to know: does it matter if an agent is based outside of New York? Are New York agents better, more connected, more…something? Well, if this was 1992, when my Dad had just bought my mom that 14K external modem (Hey, it was an upgrade. He almost bought the 7k), it might matter. But nowadays, so much of my work is done via email. I could be across the street […]