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Guest Post: Defining Success in our Bookish World

We’re writers. We work long, hard hours, put our hearts and souls into our manuscripts. For many, writing comes after other jobs and definitely after other responsibilities. Most likely, there is no guarantee of publication. As writers, how do we define success? Is it finishing our first draft?** Editing until the manuscript shines? ** Writing and sending out query letters?** Getting an agent? A book deal? A six-figure advance? Being published by one of the […]


Guest Post: Forget Perfection: Embrace Your Sh*t Pocket

I am a reformed perfectionist. And it’s because of a shit pocket. When I emailed my second YA manuscript to my former agent, I was obsessed with perfection, a personality trait I expected within myself, but not with others. I read the manuscript out loud, nitpicked over lines, rearranged sentences, and debated over adjectives. Sometimes I spent hours on a paragraph to get it just right. After I hit Send, doubt seeped into my mind, […]