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In defense of love triangles interests

I’ve been thinking about love triangles ever since YALSA’s BFYA Teen Feedback Session at ALA Midwinter. More specifically, ever since these two tweets, paraphrasing what one of the teens said during the panel, showed up in my feed: Many tweets followed, all seeming to confirm that teens are love-triangled out. Now I’m not trying to discount the opinion stated in the above tweets. Nor am I questioning that readers are tired of love triangles. But […]


Good boys need love too.

Let’s talk about boys. There’s a lot of bad-boy love going around. Dark boys. Broody boys. Boys you don’t want to take home because they might traumatize your parents. (That, and your parents would probably try to keep you from seeing them and…I’m sure we can imagine how great that would go over with bad-boy boyfriend.) But let’s talk about good boys: guys who try to do the right thing (even if they sometimes fail), […]


The (Dreaded?) Love Triangle

Okay, I can hear your facepalms already. There are few things more prevalent in modern lit (or lit in general, I guess) than the Love Triangle, regardless of what genre the book happens to be in, and it seems like readers usually split into two general camps on this–they either love them, or hate them with the force of a thousand supernovas. I have to admit, however, that for me, it just depends. I’ve read […]