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5 Tips for Researching a Novel & Cover Reveal!

I, Susan, am a huge time travel dork. Like, I grew up on a steady diet of both time travel fiction and just straight science time travel books, so when I say that The Eighth Guardian is one of the BEST time travel books out there, I think I’m pretty qualified to make that assertion. 😉 Now, imagine my ABSOLUTE delight when the author of The Eighth Guardian, Meredith McCardle, asked if she could do a guest post + cover reveal […]


Interview with Meredith McCardle, author of The Eighth Guardian

I am SO EXCITED because today is the release day for The Eighth Guardian by Meredith McCardle. Guys. GUYS. This book is SO good. It’s packed with suspense and mystery and AWESOME characters, and I could just gush and gush and gush. I seriously cannot recommend this book enough for fans of YA or thrillers. Ahem, anyway. To celebrate the book’s launch, I’ve invited Meredith over to answer a few questions—AND we’re having a giveaway!! (Scroll down […]


Epic KINDLE Giveaway + Cover Reveal for Meredith McCardle’s The Eighth Guardian + Interview with the Art Director of Amazon Children’s Publishing

So the ladies at Pub(lishing) Crawl and I (Susan) are super excited for exactly 4 reasons today. Those reasons are: It’s Friday the 13th, which is freaky and awesome. We have the very lucky honor of revealing the cover for one of my most FAVORITE BOOKS!! What is that book? It’s The Eighth Guardian by Meredith McCardle. We have an amazing interview with the designer of Meredith’s cover—who also happens to be the Art Director at […]


Guest Post: Things Getting a Book Deal Has Taught Me

The last time I was here, I chatted about the things rejection has taught me. Little did I know that when I wrote that post, I was about three weeks away away from selling my debut. It’s been a whirlwind past year, and I’m so honored to have been invited back to share the things I’ve learned since the sale. 1.Agents are worth their weight in gold. So it turns out that I vastly underestimated […]


Guest Post: The Realities of Publishing (And What Rejection Has Taught Me)

We’ve all heard the stories. There’s the girl who sends out her first batch of queries, only to get an immediate deluge of full requests and wake up the next morning with eight offers of representation waiting in her inbox. Or the debut author who goes on submission, only to find himself fending off several six-figure, multi-book, preempt offers the following week. Well, here’s Reality Check #1: That’s not going to be you. (Ok, I […]