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Self-Discipline for the Distracted Writer

Recently, I wrote here on Pub(lishing) Crawl about persistence and the importance of not giving up on your writing. If you’ve been a longtime reader of this blog and its predecessor, Let the Words Flow, you know that Susan Dennard has written several great posts about her BICHOK approach to getting work done. (BICHOK = Butt in Chair, Hands on Keyboard.) But what if you are being persistent and your butt is in the chair, and […]


Writing A Book: Your Foolproof Guide

How do you write a book that works? Today, I’m here to tell you. That’s right, there’s an answer. Of course, nobody ever shares it, because then we’d have nothing left to blog about. But today, I’m breaking my silence. Here’s the deal: Outline your story in advance, so you know where it’s going and don’t take any false turns.  Work up your plot as you go, so your creativity isn’t stifled.  Take as many […]


What’s your vision?

Do you know what your book is about? Do you have goals and firm ideas of what you want to accomplish with the story? Do you have a strong vision for your story? One of the biggest things I’ve been learning about writing is how important it is to know what story you’re trying to tell, and keeping that story foremost in all your storyish thoughts. Because once your story is out of your brain […]


Dream Writing Spaces

Somewhere in our heads, we all have our dream office. It might be catered to reading, writing, business….dreaming…but if you’re in publishing, chances are, it also resembles a library. If I were Stephanie Meyer, my house would look like a library and then oh yeah, we forgot the bedrooms, let’s throw in a few of those too. Something like this: Two stories, obviously, is the only way to go. Back in 2008/2009, before I had […]


It’s Not Just the Writing

When I was a teenager and first started writing with the goal of publication, I thought that a published writer’s career meant one thing: you sit and you write. That’s it. That’s a writer’s job, isn’t it? What else would a writer possibly have to do? What other skill would a writer possibly need? Turns out (as with many of my teenage assumptions), I was completely wrong. The modern day writer needs, in addition to […]