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That weird story-planning stage

Right now, I’m in the planning stages for a new series. I’ve barely started writing—just enough to get a good feel for the voice—and I’m making lists and lists of things I know I want to include. It’s a weird part of the process. There’s not a lot to say, “Okay, I did this today.” Ideas come randomly, and there’s not much to show for it besides a lot of daydreaming. Here’s how I’m trying to […]


Revision for Pantsers

I recently finished a fairly major revision on my contracted novel that nearly killed me. How did it almost kill me? I wrote 32,000 words in 7 days in order to get it turned in on time. (I essentially rewrote the entire last act of the book from scratch.) Why did I throw out the last third of my book? Because it made it better. Here’s the thing about revision: I hate it. I am […]


From Pantser to Plotter

The more I write, the more of an outliner I become. I literally started the first draft of What’s Left of Me with nothing but a blank word document and Eva’s voice in my mind. The world-building, the other characters, the plot, all developed over the course of that first draft. Of course, that meant the first draft wasn’t very good. Characters switched names halfway through. Plot lines were dropped, changed, or added. Settings morphed from scene […]


Planning a Series

A few weeks ago, I got this question in my inbox: How would you go about outlining [a trilogy]? Would you outline it as a whole or each book individually? Awesome question! And obviously, everyone outlines/plans series differently, so I can only tell you how I plan a series. Hopefully that information is still helpful, though. Step 1: Plan the first book. If you want to see how I do that, you can read my series […]


How I Plan a Book: Of Plotters and Pantsers

So this is actually the first part of a series I started over on my blog for my NaNoWriMo Bootcamp (feel free to join!). However, I wanted to share it here as well to make sure all the awesome Pub(lishing) Crawl readers don’t miss out on something they might find helpful. If you’d like to read other parts in the series, here is part 2 (Before I Start Drafting) and part 3 (Scene-Level Planning). And […]