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Interview with Paper Lantern Lit’s Lexa Hillyer

ADAM: First off, I’m sure you’ve answered this 10,000 times since the company’s inception, but could you detail what exactly a literary development company is and how it differs from a literary agency and publisher?  LEXA: Sure! PLL is a small creative group of “story architects”—editors trained in the mechanics of concept, character, voice, and plot—who work closely with writers to develop ideas. Our primary business model starts out with PLL developing a big exciting concept, then […]


The Not-So-Secret Backdoor to Publishing

Besides the fact that they’re some of the most successful YA books, the titles shown above have one very big thing in common: They are the products of a practice known as book packaging, wherein a person or company creates marketable ideas, develops outlines or synopses, then hires writers to write them. The packager—whether it is Alloy (Gossip Girl, The Clique, The Probability of Miracles, the Private series), Full Fathom Five (I am Number Four), or […]