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How I Find Inspirational Music to Write By

GUYS, A Darkness Strange and Lovely hits stores tomorrow! I am…just…wow. Excited. Anyway, last week, a question about music arrived in my inbox, and I thought would be fun to answer here. We discuss music pretty often on Pub(lishing) Crawl–plus, I know I share music a lot on my personal blog, as do a lot of the girls in Pub Crawl. And we’ve discussed in QOTM form WHERE we get our music, but that doesn’t quite answer this […]


How We Find the Best Music to Write By

Recently, I compiled a post for Pub(lishing) Crawl about the writing tools we couldn’t survive without. I was really surprised by how many people (both Pub Crawl gals and readers who commented) listed music among their essential tools. Up until I put that post together, I’d always been a write-in-silence type. I envied those who had whole playlists of music to write by. (Leigh Bardugo posted a great piece about how we use music in […]


How We Use Music

Music can serve as a tool and inspiration for writers at every stage of their work. It can lead to plot breakthroughs or bust writer’s block, and it cropped up on the pages of several YA debuts this year including Under the Never Sky, Incarnate, and most recently, Seraphina. Here are some of the ways the writers of Pub(lishing) Crawl use music and a few of our favorite tracks. Beat by Beat Sarah J. Maas […]