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Proofing Like a Pro

Proofing is one of the last steps before any major writing milestone. About to send a manuscript to your betas for feedback? Proof it first. Turning in a revision to your editor? Proof it again. Reading through your pass pages (aka “your last chance to make changes ever!!)? Proof it with extra care! As writers, we read our own book hundreds (if not thousands) of times before it becomes a physical book. Because we are […]


Behind The Scenes: How Copy Edits Work

One of the things we like to do here at Pub Crawl is give you a peek behind the curtain at parts of publishing you might not otherwise see. If you follow any authors on social media, the odds are very high you’ve seen them mention their copy edits more than once. So what exactly are they? Copy edits come later in the editorial process—almost the last thing authors will do before it’s too late […]


The Evolution of Process

I have a writing process. At least, I thought I had a writing process. Here’s what it entailed: Wake up. Because it’s helpful to be awake when writing one’s novel. Write in the mornings. Write only on the computer. Write a first draft all the way through, pantsed and messy and full of continuity errors, and then roll up the sleeves during the revisions. Listen to soundtracks or rain tracks while writing. Stop at around […]


Guest Post: My Writing Process Before vs After the Book Deal

Hi Pub Crawl readers! As an avid reader of the blog, I’m so excited to guest post today! One of the questions I’m asked most often is about my writing process. Before I was published I could answer pretty easily, because I’d been writing for years, and I had a process that worked for me. But now? I’ve made a lot of changes, either because of deadlines or because I just needed to do something […]


Some creative philosophies are universal

Having spent my college and then pre-publication years studying and practicing web design, I’ve been answering a certain question a lot these last few weeks: Did being a designer change and/or shape how you write? This question has popped up in multiple interviews, and at signing events, and while I’ve answered it in those various instances, I’ve never talked about it here, on Pub Crawl. And I’d like to, because I find the topic incredibly […]