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Getting your brain in the book after a long break

Recently, I’ve been working on Fallen Isles 2, trying to get the first draft finished before the end of the year. But I’ve had to put it aside a few times, thanks to more immediate deadlines, travel, and other authoring things. One of the things I hadn’t realized before I started writing professionally was how many times I’d have to put aside a draft and come back to it. Maybe an edit letter comes in […]


More about waiting

Sometimes, it feels like nothing is happening. Even published, with lots of new demands on my time, there’s occasionally a moment of feeling like everything is going stagnant. For me, this is usually in that weird quiet time a few months after a book has come out, but before anything fun starts happening with the next one. Other writers hit that wall of NOTHING IS HAPPENING at other points. My impulse is always to make […]


Working Without the Net

In December 2014, when the Kickstarter for the Hemingwrite, “a distraction free smart typewriter” launched, I was as excited as many other writers were by the prospect of a machine built for only one purpose: writing. The “distraction,” of course, is the internet, and the answer seemed to be a dedicated keyboard for word processing — not for checking Facebook or posting Tweets, or reading blogs like this one. My enthusiasm waned a bit at the expected price tag, […]


Trunked manuscripts . . . after you’re already published

Years ago, a friend told me that getting published was the easy part. It was staying published that was difficult. I laughed a little. I died inside. I was still trying to get published the first time, let alone a second or third time, and I wasn’t having a whole lot of success. But perseverance won, and eventually I did get published. And because I was one of those annoying overachievers, I’d already written first […]


Writing as a Student

There are a lot of posts and articles out there about fitting writing into the rest of your life, whether that life includes things like a day job, a family, or other obligations. There are fewer specifically about balancing writing and school. But when I tweeted a little while back about possibly writing one, it seemed like there was a lot of interest! I’ve been a student/writer for the majority of the time I’ve been […]