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Guest Post: A Tale of Two Submissions with Melanie Crowder

Ask most writers what kind of sale they’d like next, and they’ll answer: any kind. The sold kind. The I have another book coming out kind. But the different kinds of sales play out very…well, differently. Let’s look at the pros and cons of both options. The Proposal: Pros You don’t have to write the whole book before making a sale! The money comes in while you’re working on the book. Fantastic! You can write […]

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Putting together proposals

Lately, I’ve been building a proposal for Cell Story, my work in progress. Proposals are a surprising amount of work, mostly because there’s so much that I need to address that I don’t necessarily know about yet. Mine tend to be really detailed and have a lot of things others might not need, but my agent and I are on the more-is-better side of the fence when it comes to these things. Here’s what we always […]


Guest Post: Selling On Proposal

There’s a ton of information out there for writers on the submission process, or what happens once you’ve signed with a literary agent and it’s time to take your book out like a nice, meaty gazelle to all the editor lions. Usually when an author says their manuscript is on sub, they’re talking about a complete book. But what if you’ve been on the sub train before and have already got a book or two […]