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Building Blocks of a Novel: Word Choice

Hi all, Julie here! Recently I found myself looking out a hotel room window at a cityscape. The view made me think of the components of a city—streets made up of buildings, buildings made up of walls, walls made up of bricks. I found myself thinking of all the unnoticed bricks that were holding up the city below my window. This observation got me thinking about novels. I started considering all the components of a […]


Not just trimming words, but chopping

Writing a book isn’t easy. I think we can all agree on that. So the realization that you might need to cut chunks—not just little pieces, like I talked about here, but big things—can hurt. I mean, after writing all those words, it can feel like a big waste to cut them! Here are some reasons to go for it, though: 1. It’ll make the book stronger. If you’ve already decided that a certain subplot […]


Lessons I Learned from Line Editing

Recently, my editor and I went through the line editing process with Ivory and Bone. If you’re unfamiliar with the steps a book goes through once it’s acquired, here’s an at-a-glance overview: Structural/Developmental Edits: This is the part of the process often referred to broadly as Revision. Your editor sends you a letter outlining her ideas for the “big picture” changes that will make the manuscript stronger. (There are usually several rounds of this stage.) […]


Guest Post: Everything You Need to Know About Writing You Learned in Comp 1

Hi! As a longtime reader of this awesome blog, I’m really excited to be writing a guest post for Pub Crawl. Most colleges and universities now have writing labs or writing components of tutoring centers.  I’m one of the happy helpers waiting in those places to help you comb through your assignments, beef up your thesis statement, nitpick your grammar, and craft a better paper.  Though I work with students grappling with lab reports and […]


Trimming Just a Few More Words

At the end of December, I finished another round of revisions on the sequel to The Orphan Queen (OQ2 for short). Let’s just say…it’s a big book. The draft I turned in to my editor was, ahem, 135,100 words. Give or take. She asked me to please make it less big. A reasonable request. As I was writing that draft, I was pretty conscious of its size. I did a lot of editing while drafting […]