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The Life of a Query Letter

Authors, it’s time for another session of Publishing Secrets from Jordan. This one is about that query letter you’re writing or spent lots of blood, sweat, and tears making perfect. Here it is. Once you’ve signed with an agent, your query letter NEVER DIES! Want to know what I’m talking about? Let’s hear from literary agent extraordinaire Lindsay Ribar! If a query letter is good enough to have caught my eye in the first place, […]


The Art of Writing Copy

One of the hardest, yet most useful things I’ve learned in my publishing career is the art of writing copy—catalog copy, jacket copy, etc. Much like writing an essay, there is a formula and/or “trick” to it that, once discovered, becomes a lot easier to wrap your mind around. In junior high and high school, many teachers famously teach the “Five Paragraph Essay” formula. I personally never liked that formula much—I find it too restrictive—but […]


Long Term Query Do’s and Don’ts Tip: Your Decisions Now DO Affect Later Relationships

I’ve heard the process of finding and then working with an agent be compared to dating before. Mostly in terms of what not-to-do (which I will be doing here…again), but to start things off on the right tone, read this post on how it’s compared to dating in a positive and hilarious way. There’s gifs! So…back to this post. I’m not going to give the usual Do’s and Don’ts tips. I’m going to talk about […]


The Great Big Post of Querying

So, recently, a reader emailed me asking me how I went about querying and finding my agent. I’d actually meant to put up a post about this a long time ago, but the old post included my actual query, which, now that I look at it, is rather spoilery… I will, however, go through some of the tools I found most helpful and give a basic outline of how the process went. I started writing […]