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Guest Post: Things Getting a Book Deal Has Taught Me

The last time I was here, I chatted about the things rejection has taught me. Little did I know that when I wrote that post, I was about three weeks away away from selling my debut. It’s been a whirlwind past year, and I’m so honored to have been invited back to share the things I’ve learned since the sale. 1.Agents are worth their weight in gold. So it turns out that I vastly underestimated […]


The Great Big Post of Querying

So, recently, a reader emailed me asking me how I went about querying and finding my agent. I’d actually meant to put up a post about this a long time ago, but the old post included my actual query, which, now that I look at it, is rather spoilery… I will, however, go through some of the tools I found most helpful and give a basic outline of how the process went. I started writing […]