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Querypalooza Day 5 & Sum-up!

QUERY Dear X: Seventeen-year-old Adriana didn’t always resent her dad. There was a time when he was fun and attentive and around. But years of working for the CIA have changed him, and not for the better. Over the years, his arbitrary rules, half-truths, and prolonged absences have taken a toll on their relationship. Then she finds out that his identity has been compromised and his life is at stake. Criminals he put behind bars […]


Querypalooza Day 4

QUERY Dear [Agent Name], [Reasons for query]. As such, I thought you might enjoy my 95,000 word young adult novel SHATTERHEART. After fiendish Greyskins destroy her coastal village, Lacey Gracen flees the burning ruins of her home with only an outdated gun for protection and not a coin to her name. She hopes to find safety at the prestigious Cloudbourne Academy, where she can hone her magic and gunmanship so that she will never again […]


Querypalooza Day 3

QUERY Seventeen-year-old Serendipity Tanner has given up on the past—but she hasn’t gotten over it. Three years ago, when her ex-dad’s disappearance launched her into a nuclear blowout with society, Seri divorced her dreams of composing music for a shot at Harvard-bound success. Yet there’s always been a part of her that won’t let go of what could have been, and this summer, her best friend Charles is determined to restore that faith in the […]


Querypalooza Day 2

QUERY Dear Agent X, I would like to offer my completed 87,000 word YA manuscript for consideration. CURE MY SOUL is a dystopian novel with never-before-seen paranormal elements. The story explores both what is means to discover who you truly are, and what it means to be human in light of the question: “What if the cost of saving mankind is its humanity?” “For years, mankind has shunned the supernatural – but now they may […]


Querypalooza Day 1

QUERY Dear Ms. Meadows and Ms. Zhang, How can your life change and open up if you let more people in? Seventeen-year-old Sadie Snow’s social circle consists almost entirely of emotionally distant Amber and virtual big brother Ethan. When Amber dumps her without a word, Sadie is left hurt and confused. She turns to Ethan, who has always been her rock, for support, confident that he’ll be there for her. When Sadie’s long-time crush, pseudo-bad-boy […]