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Doing Your Research: The Query Trenches Part Three

Hey all, Hannah here! Last week, I spoke in depth about how to summarize your novel for a query. The month before, I gave some tips on little ways to take yours to the next level. Today, I’m going to go into a bit more depth about some of the larger mistakes I often see that might give agents a reason to reject a query. This is a hard truth: many agents receive hundreds of […]


PubCrawl Podcast: Publishing 101 Querying & Representation

Here at PubCrawl we’re super excited to introduce some new and awesome developments that have been brewing for a while, the chiefest of which is a PODCAST. That’s right, we are getting to the podcasting game, mostly because Kelly and I are podcast junkies with Lots of Opinions. Anyway, enjoy our inaugural episode and please don’t judge too harshly!


Guest Post: On Finding the Right Agent

“It only takes one yes.” Chances are if you’re an author (or even know an author) in search of an agent, you’ve heard those words. And I’ll be honest, after 87 agent rejections, I’ve heard that phrase more times than I ever want to again—heck, I’ve even SAID those words to other writer friends as they’ve walked their own agent-search journeys. Except now a few years beyond those 87 rejections, with two books pubbed and […]


Researching Literary Agents

When it comes to finding a literary agent, the most important step (yes, even more important than a snappy query letter) is researching which agents you intend to approach. Think about it: your wonderful query and kick-butt manuscript will all be for naught if you’re reaching out to the wrong agents. And remember that the fastest way to get a rejection is to query an agent who doesn’t represent your genre or isn’t even open […]


Guest Post: Things Getting a Book Deal Has Taught Me

The last time I was here, I chatted about the things rejection has taught me. Little did I know that when I wrote that post, I was about three weeks away away from selling my debut. It’s been a whirlwind past year, and I’m so honored to have been invited back to share the things I’ve learned since the sale. 1.Agents are worth their weight in gold. So it turns out that I vastly underestimated […]