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What Kind of Publishing Peanut Are You?

1. You meet an author diva or divo, who insists on taking center stage on your panel. She sucks up all the air in the room, taking more than her allotted time to answer a particular question. Do you: a. Fix a pleasant smile upon your face and wait out the hot windstorm, hoping the moderator will intervene. b. Wait for the diva/divo to take a breath, and then politely interject yourself. c. Pound your […]


The Words Are Mightier Than The GIF

FACT #1: Using GIFs is way more fun that writing out an actual review. FACT #2: GIFs can only say so much. GIFs are great devices for pre-publication buzz since you want to ignite positive – or negative (yikes) – reactions without spoiling the book’s contents for your fellow readers. And while GIFs are entertaining, they’ve never propelled me into purchasing a book the same way a good solid review with WORDS will. For instance: […]