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For the writers writing sequels

There’s something about sequels. Sequels are difficult for most almost every author I know. For those early in their careers, it’s often their first time writing an entire novel under contract, and under deadline. Contracts and deadlines do a funny thing to books: suddenly the fun idea is also work. Suddenly it’s not just the writer’s; it’s the publisher’s, too. Add the layer of pressure that comes from reader expectation? Writing a sequel can be […]


Something about Sequels

In some ways, writing and releasing a sequel is like being a sophomore in high school (or college, I suppose). You’ve been around the block. You know your way around campus, more or less…at the very least, you’re no longer getting lost trying to find the cafeteria. The initial overwhelming OMGWHAT of freshman year has faded, and even though the excitement is definitely still there, it’s a new kind of excitement. You’re no longer the […]