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Planning a Series

A few weeks ago, I got this question in my inbox: How would you go about outlining [a trilogy]? Would you outline it as a whole or each book individually? Awesome question! And obviously, everyone outlines/plans series differently, so I can only tell you how I plan a series. Hopefully that information is still helpful, though. Step 1: Plan the first book. If you want to see how I do that, you can read my series […]


Something about Sequels

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In some ways, writing and releasing a sequel is like being a sophomore in high school (or college, I suppose). You’ve been around the block. You know your way around campus, more or less…at the very least, you’re no longer getting lost trying to find the cafeteria. The initial overwhelming OMGWHAT of freshman year has faded, and even though the excitement is definitely still there, it’s a new kind of excitement. You’re no longer the […]


But Wait- There’s More!: Must-Read Series.

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by Rachel Seigel — For almost as long as there have been books written for children and teens, there have also been series books. Authors (and publishers) have long-understood the allure of re-visiting the same characters multiple times, and as readers, we demand it. Books draw us into their world, and make us care deeply about the characters who inhabit them. These characters are our friends, and the idea that their story is finished is […]


Guest Post: Celebrate the Mass Market Paperback Series

Most publishing industry professionals have a pitch. The pitch is how you introduce yourself. If you’re at a convention or a networking event, and you meet an author or agent for the first time, you launch into your pitch. My pitch goes something like this: “Hi! I’m Jordan Hamessley, an editor at Grosset & Dunlap, the mass market imprint of the Penguin Young Readers Group. Our list is half original paperback series fiction and half […]


What About Book 3?

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When I first started writing the sequel to Legend (my debut novel and the first of a trilogy), I kind of knew to brace myself for the next one. After all, every writer I know has struggled with the dreaded Book 2. Book 2 is the sophomore slump. Book 2 is full of all the things you never had to deal with in Book 1: continuing the arcs for characters that you’ve already developed, introducing […]