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Pitching Historical Romance Series (and Small Presses)

There is one genre convention in romance that may never be broken: the happily ever after. Hearts must flutter at the close or heads will roll (or both, in the case of my Tudor books). But how do you pull off a romance serial—following the same two lovers—in which each novel features a happily ever after, yet keeps the story going, and is set in a different time period? I faced this conundrum while writing […]


Guest Post: Finding Big Opportunities With a Small Press

For many aspiring writers, landing a contract with one of the Big 5 is the ultimate goal, a sign they’ve “made it.” But not all books belong with the big houses, some do better with the small ones. A small press offers substantial benefits with considerable opportunities. Rather than viewing them as a last resort, small presses should be given a first look. Big Fish, Small Pond A small press works on a different scale. The giant bestsellers […]