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Gender Roles and the Heroine

Your world is your own; traditional gender roles need not apply. This means that even if your fantasy is inspired by 1300s France, you can still have women being professors at universities or leading armies. A classic image that comes to mind of a woman in history is the passive homemaker waiting for her husband to come back from war. There were certainly quite a few of those, but that image doesn’t account for what […]


Active Characters

There’s a lot of discussion in the writing world right now about Strong Female Characters. (A few great PubCrawl posts on this subject include this one from Erin and this one from JJ.) These discussions have started me thinking about Strong Characters in general, regardless of gender, age, or abilities. I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of strength and wondering what attributes define a strong character. Please excuse this sweeping generalization, but I […]


On “strong” female characters

I’ve been thinking about strong female characters a lot lately, and almost as though the universe was on to my post plans for Pub Crawl, the internet exploded with some fabulous discussions on this very topic earlier in August. Namely, Sophia McDougall’s ovation-worthy article on why she hates strong female characters. Go on and read it. It’s long, but I’ll wait. Sophia says pretty much everything that has been on my mind, and far more […]


“Strong Female” Fallacies

I’ve made no secret that I am an out-and-proud feminist, and that I am always on the lookout for great female characters in the books I read. However, sometimes it seems that people think this means I only like Strong Female Characters™, a particular breed of character running rampant in many YA and adult fantasy novels whom I dislike. According to these books I’ve read, Strong Female Characters™ can be or have one or more […]


Pub Brawl: Strong Heroines?

One of the things I often see writers and readers say they want to see more of is strong female leads. Strong heroines. The kinds of characters who are going to influence the younger generation of young women in the right way. And when I see these comments, I always wonder what IS a strong heroine? It’s a tricky concept for me to wrap my mind around. Some people believe that sass = strength, but […]