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Agony! Misery! Woe!

Last summer, when I was on submission with my novel to publishers, I remember being in complete and utter agony with the not knowing and not being in control. There’s a lot written about the query trenches throughout the blogosphere, but not a lot of space is given over to being on submission. Part of that is because unlike querying, the experience of being on submission varies widely from individual to individual, so it’s hard […]



Hi everyone! Stacey here today, with fellow pub-crawler, Stephanie Garber, talking about the most painful exciting part of publishing, submission! With the arrival of fall, and the end of summer Friday’s in publishing, it’s time to talk about submissions. You can tell a writer who is on “sub” by the long face they wear, the nails chewed to the quick, the scuffled toes of their shoes where they’ve tripped as they’ve paced waiting for a response […]


Guest Post: A Tale of Two Submissions with Melanie Crowder

Ask most writers what kind of sale they’d like next, and they’ll answer: any kind. The sold kind. The I have another book coming out kind. But the different kinds of sales play out very…well, differently. Let’s look at the pros and cons of both options. The Proposal: Pros You don’t have to write the whole book before making a sale! The money comes in while you’re working on the book. Fantastic! You can write […]

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