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Adding New Ideas vs. Knowing When to Streamline

I received an awesome question post in my forum last week, and I thought I’d answer it today. 🙂 I thought my first novel was done except for proofreading, after being through many CPs and two passes with a professional editor I hired. Now that I’m about 25% into its sequel, I keep discovering new things about my characters that I’d like to go back and put in the first one as a connecting detail […]


The Fine Art of Story Resonance

I have seen the word “story resonance” defined in different ways. Some people use it to indicate how a story resonates with you personally—you enjoyed Harry Potter because you know what’s it like to be ignored by your family. Under this definition, a book’s resonance is very subjective. I’ve also heard story resonance used in reference to how different subplots weave together for deep, complex, echoing plot. That’s the definition I prefer—the latter. When I […]