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Guest Post: The Amazing Awesome Hunger Games Role-Playing Writing Game!

The upcoming release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has a mountain of expectations to live up to as fans of the novels and the first film (and, dare I add, Jennifer Lawrence) are waiting with bated breath. The second film in the series promises an explosion of creativity across the internet, from trigger-happy GIF creators to serious online reviewers. Of course, no squealing fandom would be complete without that unshakeable cornerstone of imagination: fan […]

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Show versus Tell: Macro-, Micro-, and When to Use It

This post was first shared on Let the Words Flow, but I recently rediscovered it and decided to expound a bit more on the infamous show don’t tell topic. Let’s start with the obvious: telling is considered bad. Everyone knows this, right? Except…do we all know why telling is so “evil”? Telling is considered “bad” because it packs less punch and doesn’t pull readers in. For example, if someone tells me their finger really hurts, I don’t necessarily […]


Too Edgy for Teens? Not Likely.

If there’s one thing that almost always amuses me, it’s when a writer tells me they don’t think their book could be published as YA because it’s too edgy or mature. 9 times out of 10, when I ask exactly what the content is, it turns out to be pretty tame compared to what’s already out there—heavy make out scenes! A couple of alcoholic drinks and a whole lot of cuss words! In other words, […]


The Point When Everything Changes

Recently, I was obsessing over critically watching the fabulous TV show, Sherlock, and in the episode called “The Hounds of Baskerville”, Sherlock says this to his client: And what happened when you went back to Dewer’s Hollow last night, Henry? You went there on the advice of your therapist, and now you’re consulting a detective. What did you see that changed everything? And that simple exchange set me to thinking. In a novel, there is […]