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Guest Post: Getting Personal in your Work…

A Breadcrumb Trail To The Heart: Getting Personal and Giving Back by Heather Demetrios People often want to know how much of myself I put into my books. This question always makes me nervous. If there’s a lot of me, is that cheating? Is it somehow gauche? Reading is such an intimate experience, and it can be a little terrifying to bare your soul on the page and then talk about it after. I know […]


Write what you know love

We’ve all heard the old adage, “Write what you know.” I’m not here today to debate this advice. In fact, I agree with it to the extent that I believe it is helpful to ground the emotions and feelings of your characters in emotions and feelings you know well, even if your characters’ experiences vary widely from your own. But the wisdom of “Write what you know” isn’t what I want to discuss today. I […]


Week in Review

Welcome to Pub Crawl’s Week In Review, brought to you by your host—me, Savannah! 😀 This week saw some very interesting articles and news pop up in the writersphere. Here’s a recap: In writing pop culture The Washington Pop wonders Did Oprah actually hurt book sales? The scale of the Hogwarts Castle model used on the set of Harry Potter is revealed for first time! The reports on gender in media from 2011 have been released. Here’s a […]