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Writing Alone Together

As you probably know if you’ve been following this blog, the concept of writing as a lonely pursuit is often a fallacy, or at least a melodramatic representation of the writer as a lonely, angst-ridden individual. Sure, some of us are–and I know many writers are introverts–but one of my favorite things about being an author is that I’m part of a community, or several communities. (In my case, primarily speculative fiction and children’s fiction.) […]

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Learning to Write (Better)

Last year, a lot of people were excited to apply to the DC Talent Development Workshop, including yours truly. But this year it seems like I haven’t heard a peep about it; could be that I haven’t been paying attention, or maybe people are holding a grudge because of Batman v Superman. The deadline for the Writers Workshop is the end of this week, March 31, and I’m definitely applying again. With a bit of rejectomancy, […]

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Group Writing Retreats: A How-To Guide

What do you imagine, when you think of a writing retreat? Do you see yourself in a hammock with a notebook and pen, ideas sparking like crazy? Do you imagine yourself in a critique circle, exchanging ideas and learning from each other? Do you see yourself going for long walks, or staying in your PJs all day? Whether it’s for a week or a weekend, writing retreats can be glorious, productive experiences. For me, it’s […]