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The Best of Pub Crawl 2012

491 pages. 206,476 words. What am I referring to, you might ask??? 3 novels? 25 chapter books? 516 picture books? 5,160 greeting cards?? No. It’s much more than that. I am referring to hard work, dear readers. Over the past year, PubCrawl has brought you advice, facts and information about publishing, interesting interviews, book recommendations, and also…pictures of cute dogs. They have given you content for an ENTIRE YEAR in just 206,476 words. I volunteered for the task of perusing our archives […]


Do Kids Really Fear Thick Books?

  by Rachel Seigel — Last week we wrapped up our trade show season, which saw us doing book displays/selling shows all across Ontario every week for the last 7 weeks. At these shows, we display about 1000 of the newest, hottest fiction, picture book, and non-fiction titles of the season, many of which are personal favourites that I intent to hand sell to our teacher librarian customers. Sometimes, despite my enthusiasm and best efforts, […]


Interview with Don Taylor, Bookbinder

I had the pleasure of interviewing Don Taylor recently, a bookbinder based in Toronto. Don’s been in the industry for thirty years, his work ranging from personal publications under Pointyhead Press, collaborations with colleagues, design book bindings, and, of course, book restorations. So without further ado, here he is! Let’s start with something easy! What’s the oldest thing you’ve restored? Well, for several years I worked on a collection of medieval manuscripts, mostly brought to […]


This Advice Will Save Your Book: Back Up Your Work Twice!

Would you like to see the most re-tweeted tweet I’ve ever sent out into the universe? I got a pretty good response to some of my copy edits humour, but this one blew it out of the water. Here she is: Writers, back up your work in more than one location. This public service announcement brought to you by the last 45 minutes of total panic. — Amie Kaufman (@AmieKaufman) December 2, 2012 FIFTY re-tweets. […]


Tackling Revisions

NaNoWriMo is OVER. Many of you find yourselves with a finished novel in hand–perhaps a product of a grueling November or perhaps a novel written some other time. Either way, if you need help  knowing what to do next, then this post might just be for you. The purpose of this post (and the revisions workshop on my personal site) is to help writers avoid feeling overwhelmed, daunted, or just plain lost. I’m offering a starting point […]