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“Strong Female” Fallacies

I’ve made no secret that I am an out-and-proud feminist, and that I am always on the lookout for great female characters in the books I read. However, sometimes it seems that people think this means I only like Strong Female Characters™, a particular breed of character running rampant in many YA and adult fantasy novels whom I dislike. According to these books I’ve read, Strong Female Characters™ can be or have one or more […]


Interview with Robison Wells, author of VARIANT and FEEDBACK

Today I’m hosting an interview with Robison Wells, author of Variant and the forthcoming sequel, Feedback. Rob and I share both an agent AND an editor. I’m not sure how popular this is in publishing (I’m guessing very rare), so I’m gonna call us Super Special Agent-Publisher-Editor siblings. Even cooler than that, are Rob’s YA novels. Both follow Benson Fischer who heads to Maxwell Academy only to find his every move monitored by cameras, the […]


Writing A Book: Your Foolproof Guide

How do you write a book that works? Today, I’m here to tell you. That’s right, there’s an answer. Of course, nobody ever shares it, because then we’d have nothing left to blog about. But today, I’m breaking my silence. Here’s the deal: Outline your story in advance, so you know where it’s going and don’t take any false turns.  Work up your plot as you go, so your creativity isn’t stifled.  Take as many […]


Show versus Tell: Macro-, Micro-, and When to Use It

This post was first shared on Let the Words Flow, but I recently rediscovered it and decided to expound a bit more on the infamous show don’t tell topic. Let’s start with the obvious: telling is considered bad. Everyone knows this, right? Except…do we all know why telling is so “evil”? Telling is considered “bad” because it packs less punch and doesn’t pull readers in. For example, if someone tells me their finger really hurts, I don’t necessarily […]


Visiting Kat Zhang

Let’s start the week off with something fun and simple, then! I had the wonderful pleasure of visiting Kat Zhang in Nashville, Tennessee over the weekend, and hot damn but it was a good time. Every night was a booze-filled techno-fest and every morning began at 1pm. We burned cash at indian casinos in california and other places, and sang Patsy Cline karaoke. We tripped down streets in early hours and watched the sunrise. We […]