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Books That Made You Bawl

I don’t cry very often in books. (Side note: Unless the book involves animals dying. I almost consider that cheating–I mean, if an animal dies in a book, it guarantees tears from me. That’s not fair! I’ve bawled in everything involving hurt/dying animals. I can’t do it.) But that’s not to say that I don’t shed some legitimate tears when it comes to certain books, and in fact, I’ve noticed that for the past few […]


What’s your vision?

Do you know what your book is about? Do you have goals and firm ideas of what you want to accomplish with the story? Do you have a strong vision for your story? One of the biggest things I’ve been learning about writing is how important it is to know what story you’re trying to tell, and keeping that story foremost in all your storyish thoughts. Because once your story is out of your brain […]


How to Become A Literary Agent in 2 Easy Steps

Become a literary agent in two easy steps! Decide you want to become a literary agent. Call yourself a literary agent. I should be kidding, but there’s a grain of truth there. There are no licensing or specific requirements to being a literary agent. No background checks, no lengthy courses, no tests. It’s harder to become a real estate agent than it is to become a literary agent. Even McDonald’s workers are supposed to take […]


Back to school! Favorite and least favorite assigned books!

It’s the beginning of September and you know what that means… school is back in session! Some people approach the first day of school filled with dread, others are pumped to get their learning on. No matter what, I hope you all approach the first day of school with some singing and dancing! To celebrate the new school year, I asked my fellow Pub Crawlers their favorite and least favorite books they were assigned in […]


September Releases!

By Vanessa Di Gregorio — September may mark the end of summer, but it doesn’t stop awesome books from coming out! In fact, if there is one thing that will get you through the colder months, it’s books. This month is extra special, because two of our awesome PC gals are on it! First, the latest from our rockstar author/agent of the group, Mandy Hubbard, is out the beginning of this month! Or… so I […]