February & March 2014 Releases!

I know, I know. These are hardly “upcoming” titles anymore, but still! Cut a girl some slack. February is a short month, and it also happens to be one of the busiest months for me, work-wise. March is almost just as hectic… and so. That leads us to this: A dual February & March releases list! I know, it’s practically April, but it feels really wrong to not point out the shiny new books that have come out!

However, you can probably imagine that compiling the releases for both months in one post would make for a massively behemoth list. So, I’m really only going to highlight the books that I’m SUPER excited about. A more comprehensive list can be seen in my Goodreads lists (which I’ve linked to at the bottom of the post) – so if you want to see more releases, head on over there!

But first! Last month, our very own Erin Bowman released an e-novella for TAKEN! So… BIG CONGRATS, ERIN! And, PC alumni (and one of our founders, to boot!) Sarah J. Maas celebrated a release earlier this month with THE ASSASSIN’S BLADE (a bind-up of all the THRONE OF GLASS e-novellas)! EXCITING!

February 4

Stolen  Cress  Wildwood-Imperium
STOLEN e-novella by PC’s own Erin Bowman (YA Dystopian)
CRESS by Marissa Meyer (YA Science Fiction / Fairy Tale Retelling)
WILDWOOD IMPERIUM by Colin Meloy (MG Fantasy)

Landry-Park  Mistwalker
LANDRY PARK by Bethany Hagen (YA Dystopian)
MISTWALKER by Saundra Mitchell (YA Paranormal)

February 11

Lady-Thief  White-Space  The-Worlds-We-Make
LADY THIEF by A.C. Gaughen (YA Fantasy)
WHITE SPACE by Ilsa J. Bick (YA Fantasy)
THE WORLDS WE MAKE by Megan Crewe (YA Dystopian)

February 25

 The-Wells-End  Boy-on-the-Edge  The-Shadow-Throne

THE WELL’S END by Seth Fishman (YA Science Fiction)
BOY ON THE EDGE by Fridrik Erlings (YA Contemporary)
THE SHADOW THRONE by Jennifer A. Nielsen (YA Fantasy)

March 4

The-Assassins-Blade  The-Winners-Curse  Death-Sworn

THE ASSASSIN’S BLADE by PC alumni Sarah J. Maas (YA Fantasy)
THE WINNER’S CURSE by Marie Rutkoski (YA Fantasy)
DEATH SWORN by Leah Cypess (YA Fantasy)

Dangerous  The-Haven  Let-the-Storm-Break
DANGEROUS by Shannon Hale (YA Science Fiction)
THE HAVEN by Carol Lynch Williams (YA Dystopian)
LET THE STORM BREAK by Shannon Messenger (YA Fantasy)

Cured   Half-Bad
CURED by Bethany Wiggins (YA Dystopian)
HALF BAD by Sally Green (YA Paranormal)

March 11

Promise-of-Shadows  The-Shadow-Prince  The-Mirk-and-Midnight-Hour
PROMISE OF SHADOWS by Justina Ireland (YA Fantasy / Retelling)
THE SHADOW PRINCE by Bree Despain (YA Fantasy)
THE MIRK AND MIDNIGHT HOUR by Jane Nickerson (YA Retelling)

Mindscape   Game-Over-Pete-Watson
MINDSCAPE by M.M. Vaughan (MG Fantasy)
GAME OVER, PETE WATSON by Joe Schreiber (MG Contemporary)

Strange-Sweet-Song   Ruins
STRANGE SWEET SONG by Adi Rule (YA Fantasy)
RUINS by Dan Wells (YA Dystopian)

March 18

The-Riverman  Elusion
THE RIVERMAN by Aaron Starmer (MG Fantasy)
ELUSION by Claudia Gabel & Cheryl Klam (YA Science Fiction)

Side-Effects-May-Vary  Remnants-of-Tomorrow
SIDE EFFECTS MAY VARY by Julie Murphy (YA Contemporary)
REMNANTS OF TOMORROW by Kassy Tayler (YA Dystopian)

March 25

The-Strange-and-Beautiful-Sorrows-of-Ava-Lavender   Caminar
CAMINAR by Skila Brown (MG Historical)

Now, THAT was worth the wait, right?

I definitely missed a bunch of releases for February & March – so if  you know about any, let me know in the comments! And add them to my Goodreads February 2014 MG & YA Releases, or my Goodreads March 2014 MG & YA Releases list.


4 Responses to February & March 2014 Releases!

  1. Susan Mar 27 2014 at 9:35 am #

    Thanks so much for compiling this!! I hadn’t even heard of most of these books, so YAY! More to read!! 😀

    • Vanessa Di Gregorio Mar 27 2014 at 10:15 pm #

      Thanks Sooz! I am a sucker for lists 😉 And the only negative (though it isn’t REALLY a negative) that comes from putting these lists together is that I just end up adding a whole bunch of books to my TBR pile!

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