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Happy Book Birthday to Strange and Ever After by Susan Dennard!

We’re celebrating over here at Pub Crawl. It’s not every day one of our members completes a trilogy, and today, Susan Dennard’s Strange and Ever After, the final installment in the Something Strange and Deadly series, hits shelves! I (Erin) have loved this series since I got my hands on book one ages ago, but I have to admit: Strange and Ever After tops them all. Susan brings Egypt to life with ease (how is she so skilled […]


Guest Interview: Heather Marie

Before we begin in earnest, I asked Heather to summarize Gateway for me in one sentence, and she said: Seventeen-year-old Aiden Ortiz is a Gateway for the dead, who discovers that sending the dead away can be easy—but stopping them from coming back is a whole other story. Read until the end for the book’s full summary, as well as a chance to win a copy! So, Heather, tell us a little about your writing/publishing […]



Stories often begin with a lone kernel of an idea. Mine tend to begin when a few characters appear in my mind and don’t want to leave me alone. A single interaction between them can cause an entire book to be built around it. Generally, that’s how I plot, too. My process is basically just me figuring out how to construct a story around scenes that must happen. But when I first started writing seriously, […]


Guest Post: The Contemporary Comeback

Don’t call it a comeback! Okay, fine. You can. However, I’m a little inspired by my main man, Prince, who, when Justin Timberlake busted out “Sexy Back,” just shook his head and said, “Sexy never left.” Contemporary never really left, either. Some of the greatest contemporary YA books I’ve ever read were written right at the height of the Paranormal/Dystopian boom. Stephanie Perkins’ first two books, Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the […]


Who Can Recommend a Good Book?

I’m fascinated by lists of “recommended reading” – not only do such lists help us discover great books, but they also reveal quite a bit about the person who created the list. (For example, someone over at has cataloged the contents of Marilyn Monroe’s personal library. Reading through the list reveals a lot about the private interests of such a public person.) Recently, while searching for lists of “favorite books” or “recommended reading,” I stumbled upon a very cool site— […]