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Guest Post: Shifting from Nonfiction to Fiction

In high school and the first part of college I used to justify bad, outrageous, or downright dangerous behavior by quipping that I was simply collecting material for my novel. Hitchhiking by myself through the south of France, going into Ed Koch-era Central Park at night to make out with a boy, riding an untrained horse, drinking way too much grain alcohol and Kool-Aid—surely I’d be able to put those experiences to good fictional use […]


When Everybody Loves a Book Except You….

Recently, I returned to my roots as a bookseller and started moonlighting at a new Indie bookstore that opened close to home. (Yes- a new bookstore actually opened!) Though I’m only there a couple of times a week, I’ve really enjoyed connecting with individual readers and having the opportunity to recommend favourite books. A week or two ago, I was discussing YA fiction with a customer (who avidly reads YA) and in the course of […]


Interview with Page Morgan, author of The Lovely and the Lost

We’ve had the lovely Page Morgan on the blog before, but I wanted to have her again to celebrate her latest release: The Lovely and the Lost. If you guys haven’t yet read her books, DO. Especially if you’re a fan of my (Sooz’s) books. The Beautiful and the Cursed will totally appeal to fans of Something Strange & Deadly. I mean, just look at those titles together! 😉 For those of you who don’t know the premise: After a […]