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Multiple Perspectives

Writing from multiple perspectives is often a very rewarding way to convey the complexity of a plot. In stories that involve a lot of world-building, like high fantasy, it’s a good way of expanding the world you’re creating. You can better develop concepts like the reality of social status if your story that includes slaves isn’t entirely written from the viewpoint of a princess. You can also mess with readers. You can have a blacksmith […]


Finding a New Writing Routine

One of the most popular questions I receive as an author is “What’s your writing routine?” I love asking that question too! Just because I’m published doesn’t mean I have all the answers; in fact, this post is about how I don’t. It’s interesting to hear about other writer’s processes, and learn new approaches I can take. (Secretly, I wonder if I’ve actually been doing it wrong all this time, but I’ve been lucky.) I know every […]


Guest Post: Getting Into Publishing (You Gotta Do It For The Love)

Hello Pub-crawlers! I’m so happy to be doing a guest post here this week! I recently read a comment on Alex Bracken’s “You Tell Us: What Do You Want To See” post asking us to talk about hard lessons we’ve learned. For me—and I don’t think I’m alone—one of these lessons was the importance of following my passions. This was most relevant to me when I was trying to find a job in publishing. The […]


GUEST POST: When Friends & Family Read Your Book: Survival Tips

My debut novel released in November, and while I was nervous about trade reviews and Goodreads reviews and sales numbers, the thing that made me most nervous was knowing my friends and family were going to be reading my book. I’m proud of my writing, and what friends and family won’t override what I think is best for a story. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t hurt. When people who are close to us disapprove, […]


Why I’ve Stopped Tweeting #AmWriting

LIFE REMINDER: The writing routines that work for me may not work for you. If you’re a morning writer, I want to be you so badly it’s reminding me of that time as a kid where I wanted to be Mary Poppins and would jump off the living room couch in my mother’s heels and a toy umbrella. (Yes, there are pictures of this. No, you can’t see them.) But the only time I’m ever awake […]