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logo_v2I know, I know. It seems as though PubCrawl’s been changing its look more often than a background dancer during a Lady Gaga concert, but it’s all in the service of its readers, we swear!

After some feedback from y’all, as well as some discussion here behind the scenes, we decided that PubCrawl 2.0 was a little too far removed from its original design, although we liked the minimalistic direction. With the help of our own incredibly talented Erin Bowman, who designed the updated logo, we decided to marry the old design with the new minimalistic layout and ta-da! PubCrawl 2.1 was born.

We kept the “beer label” and “actual pub label” feel, but brought back the color scheme and books from the previous version and I think its pretty darn snazzy, to be honest.

The website viewed on a computer screen.

As with the previous version, this new layout should modify itself depending on which device you’re viewing it.

The website viewed on a mobile device.

The website viewed on a mobile device.

I’ve also updated the page that tells you Who We Are, which will hopefully include our distinguished Alumni in the future. Our individual bio pages are currently a work-in-progress, but again, the purpose of all this renovating is to make sure things are readable and easy to find for our readers.

That’s it! The blog look will probably continue to receive little tweaks over the course of the next few weeks, but if you come across any bugs, definitely let us know.

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