Archive | March, 2016

Being Wrong About a Book

Every year around this time I become completely obsessed with the School Library Journal Battle of the Books competition. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s a nearly month long contest that rounds up elite children’s/YA authors to judge head-to-head contests between a variety of books ranging from Middle Grade to Non-fiction to YA. The books are assigned to brackets, and one book from each bracket is eliminated, the other advancing to the next round […]


Reading Aloud for Pleasure and with Purpose

I met my husband at an author reading at Kettle of Fish in Greenwich Village when he sat in an empty seat at my table and politely endured an endless round of rapid-fire questions from my friends (including JJ!), so I knew he liked books from the beginning. But on our third date I knew he was a keeper, because that’s when he offered to read a book aloud with me. We were sitting on the […]


Working Without the Net

In December 2014, when the Kickstarter for the Hemingwrite, “a distraction free smart typewriter” launched, I was as excited as many other writers were by the prospect of a machine built for only one purpose: writing. The “distraction,” of course, is the internet, and the answer seemed to be a dedicated keyboard for word processing — not for checking Facebook or posting Tweets, or reading blogs like this one. My enthusiasm waned a bit at the expected price tag, […]