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A Contemplation on Cookies: A Publishing Tale

A Contemplation on Cookies: A Publishing Tale A year and a day ago, I was in class. I should have been listening about how to calculate damages in a contracts case, but instead I was pondering the cookie options that would be available at Einstein’s. When could I get the cookie? Did I deserve a cookie? What if someone gets to the cookie before me? My deeply philosophical thoughts were disrupted by THE EMAIL.   […]


Trunked manuscripts . . . after you’re already published

Years ago, a friend told me that getting published was the easy part. It was staying published that was difficult. I laughed a little. I died inside. I was still trying to get published the first time, let alone a second or third time, and I wasn’t having a whole lot of success. But perseverance won, and eventually I did get published. And because I was one of those annoying overachievers, I’d already written first […]


What Comes Before Part Two: Best Character, Basic Action, Weakness and Choice

Hello again! A couple of weeks ago, I gave you the start to a worksheet I use for every new project to help fill out my premise, story world, and how I choose to tell your story. Now I’d like to elaborate further on that sheet and go into the beginnings of character. Before you ever start outlining or even writing your draft, you have to know your characters. Some people do this by filling […]


Building Blocks of a Novel: Paragraphs

Hi All! Today I want to talk about the next building block of a novel—paragraphs! (This is part three of a series. Part one was on word choice and part two was on sentences.) If we continue with the metaphor comparing a novel to a city, we can imagine words as bricks, sentences as walls, and paragraphs as… buildings! Think of the buildings on a city street. They may be linked together, but each has […]