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Fictional Reality

My growth as a writer included a phase of what might be termed hyper-realism. Or maybe just plain realism, depending on how you define it. Either way, during this phase, my writing was full of overly detailed description to make sure the reader saw exactly what I saw in my mind. Contrived punctuation abounded in attempt to better mimic a person’s speech. Inner monologues of a character took up pages of space that I considered […]



I used to do a lot of acting. I went to an arts high school, my major being drama. Acting isn’t a very big part of my life anymore, but the things I learned in drama class were a massive influence on my development as a writer. Writing is similar to acting, in that you have to connect to the characters you’re creating and that usually involves putting yourself in their shoes. This can be […]


Scribal Error

Poetry today is pretty much whatever you want it to be. There are different forms (sonnets, odes, ballads, free verse, found poetry) but generally, poetry has become something of a blanket term that can include nearly anything rhythmical or lyrical. In Sicily in the 1200s , that wasn’t quite the case. Thirteenth century southern Italy saw the incredible growth of a small community of poets that ended up shaping the history of Western poetry. The […]


Infinite Release Day!

The day you’ve all been waiting for! The final book of the Incarnate trilogy finally within our grasp! Our very own Jodi Meadows’s Infinite, the excellent conclusion to a stunning trilogy, releases today. A satisfying end to a sweeping story of love, destruction, sacrifice, and healing. There is some seriously beautiful prose going on here, people. But I don’t have to gush: you can do it for me. In honour of this fine book birthday, […]


Guest Post: The Amazing Awesome Hunger Games Role-Playing Writing Game!

The upcoming release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has a mountain of expectations to live up to as fans of the novels and the first film (and, dare I add, Jennifer Lawrence) are waiting with bated breath. The second film in the series promises an explosion of creativity across the internet, from trigger-happy GIF creators to serious online reviewers. Of course, no squealing fandom would be complete without that unshakeable cornerstone of imagination: fan […]

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