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The Reason I Love This Business

I decided to pursue publishing after a trying my hand at a couple different career paths after college.  Like most 21-year-olds, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life, and I was learning the hard way that the best jobs don’t come easy. At the end of every day I would drive home from whatever job (teacher’s aide, exec asst for generic company, waitressing, movie theater, B&N) to my apartment (basement […]


The Great Debate: An Agent and Editor Discuss the Latest in Contract Negotiation

I had a chance to sit down with an editor friend recently to discuss one of the least fun (but most important) parts of the publishing process: the deal/contract negotiation. And lucky for me, Editor agreed to let me share some of that conversation with you here on Pub Crawl. We talked about a number of topics, but the one I’m going to focus on today has to do with three clauses: 1. Competitive Works […]


An Agent’s Top Ten Thoughts

We’ve all seen the “day in the life of…” posts.  In fact, the awesome Jordan Hamessley London of Pub Crawl has posted one, too–one of most popular posts on our blog. What I’d like to do is take that idea a step further and invite you into my brain.  It’s fascinating to see what someone does, externally, on the daily.  But what are they thinking while they do it?  Well, below is what I’m thinking these […]


Long Term Query Do’s and Don’ts Tip: Your Decisions Now DO Affect Later Relationships

I’ve heard the process of finding and then working with an agent be compared to dating before. Mostly in terms of what not-to-do (which I will be doing here…again), but to start things off on the right tone, read this post on how it’s compared to dating in a positive and hilarious way. There’s gifs! So…back to this post. I’m not going to give the usual Do’s and Don’ts tips. I’m going to talk about […]


The Importance of Educating Yourself (Royalty Statements Part 2)

Hi All, First, I apologize for this post getting up late today. It’s been a little hectic over at New Leaf to wrap up things before the holidays, and since I’m the big cheese (big leaf? big tree? bah.) over there, a lot of things have to go through me. Including things like royalty statements, which I am discussing with you here today! So I’m back to remind you how important it is as an […]